Saturday, January 01, 2022

BAS's 2021 archaeology top 10

BIBLE HISTORY DAILY: 2021’s Top Ten Biblical Archaeology Stories. BHD's year in review: from new Dead Sea Scrolls to early Canaanite writing (Nathan Steinmeyer).

Again, PaleoJudaica noted all of these stories. You can find links for some of them in the 2021 archaeology roundup posts collected here.

For the revival of the debate over the Shapira scroll fragments, see here and links. For the discussion of King David's Judah, see here. For the passing of Hershel Shanks in 2021, see here, here, and here and links. For the new inscribed Lachish ostracon, see here. For the First-Temple-era weight that has been accused of cheating, see here and here. And I have mentioned the new manuscript of the Book of the Dead found in a funerary temple at Saqqara here.

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