Thursday, May 26, 2022

More on that Bar Kokhba-era tetradrachm

NUMISMATICS: Rare silver coin discovered in Israel. In the caves located on the eastern bank of the Wadi Chariton Canyon ( HT Rogue Classicism.
Among the finds is a silver coin in the value of a tetradrachm (also known as sela of the Talmudic sources) that was discovered in the Oil Lamp Cave and is considered particularl rare. Coins of this type have so far been discovered by archaeologists at just three sites (Sela Cave in the upper Naḥal Ḥever, Sabar Cave north of Ein Gedi and the Teʾomim Cave in the western Jerusalem hills), while thousands of Bar-Kokhba’s tetradrachms, known in the antiquities market and in private collections, were discovered during illegal excavations.
I noted the discovery of this coin here. This article gives a lot more information about it.

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