Saturday, July 09, 2022

Deborah & Jael on a new Huqoq synagogue mosaic

DECORATIVE ART: Excavations by Carolina archaeologist reveal first known depictions of two biblical heroines, episode in ancient Jewish art. This 10th season of excavations in the ancient Galilean synagogue at Huqoq uncovers intricate mosaic floor panels dating back nearly 1,600 years (University of North Carolina, Chapel Hill).
A team of specialists and students led by University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill professor Jodi Magness recently returned to Israel’s Lower Galilee to continue unearthing nearly 1,600-year-old mosaics in an ancient Jewish synagogue at Huqoq. Discoveries made this year include the first known depiction of the biblical heroines Deborah and Jael as described in the book of Judges.


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