Sunday, July 03, 2022

Hardy, The Development of Biblical Hebrew Prepositions (SBL)

The Development of Biblical Hebrew Prepositions

H. H. Hardy

ISBN 9781628374230
Volume ANEM 28
Status Available
Publication Date April 2022
Paperback $49.00
Hardback $69.00

A robust theoretical and empirical study using a linguistically grounded and data-driven approach

The Development of Biblical Hebrew Prepositions presents an analysis of the sources and diachronic developments of forty-one simple and multiword prepositions in the Hebrew Bible from the viewpoint of grammaticalization within a historical-linguistics framework. The study contributes a detailed corpus-based accounting of the variation evidenced by the usages of Biblical Hebrew prepositions and provides a descriptive model of the emergence of this linguistic subsystem. Furthermore, it demonstrates the value of integrating diachronic linguistics and philological approaches in the investigation of grammar, providing for an exhaustive language-internal description.

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