Monday, September 19, 2022

Four Aramaic inscriptions excavated in eastern Turkey

ARAMAIC WATCH: Aramaic four inscriptions found for the first time in eastern Turkey (Oğuz Büyükyıldırım, Arkeonews).

The excavation director, Erol Uslu, is quoted as follows:

“Four inscriptions with Aramaic inscriptions carved into the surface of the outer walls were found. Scientific studies are continuing on these inscriptions. Four inscriptions need to be analyzed and translated in order to provide a clear periodical information. The first data is that this structure belongs to the Parthian Empire period. It must say that there are serious data and findings that the Persians and Parthians established dominance in this region after the Urartian period. Apart from the ancient city of Zernaki Tepe [that is, the site being excavated - JRD], no architectural remains from the Parthian Empire period have been recorded in the museum records to date. We saw that these typefaces, which we define as Aramaic, were used for the first time in this ancient city.”
It sounds as though the inscriptions have not been deciphered. There is a photo, but it is not very informative.

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