Monday, October 24, 2022

Symposium in memory of Shaul Shaked

UPCOMING CONFERENCE: Yahwism under the Achaemenid Empire. Prof. Shaul Shaked in memoriam. University of Haifa @ Hadarim center | 20-22.12.2022.
This three-day international symposium—in memory of the late Prof. Shaul Shaked—is dedicated to the study of the touch-points between diverse Yahwistic communities throughout the Achaemenid empire and the Iranian attributes of the empire that ruled over them for about two centuries. This is arguably the most formative period in the development, redaction and composition of some of the most central texts within the Jewish (and, by extension, Christian) heritage. However, there has historically been too little dialogue between scholars of Achaemenid history and linguistics and those of Jewish history, Bible scholarship, archeology and Semitics.

To respond to these lacunae, the conference’s approach is fundamentally interdisciplinary. It brings together scholars of Achaemenid history, literature and religion, Iranian linguistics, historians of the Ancient Near East, archeologists, biblical scholars and Semiticists.

Follow the link for the presentation schedule and registration information. This conference appears to be on-site only.

For more on the late Professor Shaul Shaked, see here and links, plus here.

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