Friday, June 11, 2004

THE JOURNAL OF SEMITIC STUDIES has a new issue (49.1, Spring 2004) online. Here's the table of contents:
Final Vowels of Pronominal Suffixes and Independent Personal Pronouns in Semitic*
R. Hasselbach
pp. 1-20
Abstract Full-Text PDF�(138�KB)

Variation in Grammatical Gender in Biblical Hebrew A Study on the Variable Gender Agreements of [garbled Hebrew here], 'Way'*
Markus Zehnder
pp. 21-45
Abstract Full-Text PDF�(164�KB)

'You Shall Cut off Her�Palm'? A Reexamination of Deuteronomy 25:11-12
Jerome T. Walsh
pp. 47-58
Abstract Full-Text PDF�(89�KB)

The Meaning of {pqdwn} in the Nabataean Inscription of Qabr at-Turkm[amacr]n*
Blane W. Conklin
pp. 59-70
Abstract Full-Text PDF�(105�KB)

Terminology for Plough Cultivation in Yemeni Arabic*
Daniel Martin Varisco
pp. 71-129
Abstract Full-Text PDF�(271�KB)

There are also lots of reviews, a number of which pertain to ancient Judaism. I'll just note one, for obvious reasons:
James R. Davila: Liturgical Works
Reviewed by Daniel K. Falk
pp. 164-165
Details Full-Text PDF�(30�KB)

Requires a paid personal or institutional subscription to access.

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