Sunday, June 06, 2004

LINKS UPDATE: I have finally given in and adjusted the links to the new, unasked for URL that my provider, has foisted on me. All the links in the bar to the right should now work. If you have linked to either the "About" page or any of the links in the links bar (both to the right, below the Archive link), your link needs to be updated with the following directory:

Formerly it was "members4," so all you need to do is change the "4" in the old address to "5."

I am quite annoyed that Flyservers has not bothered to reply to any of my messages and that they have done this to me before: the address used to be "members3." Now I know it's true that the web page they provide me with is free, but I do give them business by keeping my domain names registered through their parent company, Unless I get a satisfactory reply from their support department, I'll be taking my business elsewhere when I need to renew again. And at present I can't recommend them: their prices are good, but I recommend you pay more somewhere else for better support. If that changes, I'll let you know.

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