Wednesday, June 09, 2004

MORE ON DOUDNA'S PAPER: Stephen C. Carlson over at Hypotyposes has some comments and queries. And the discussion continues at g-Megillot.

Me, I'm staying out of this one. It doesn't matter for the purposes of any research I plan on doing in the near future whether the Dead Sea Scrolls were deposited in 68 C.E. or the first century B.C.E. I do intend to get around to reading Ian Young's article, but I'm not an expert in archaeology or radiocarbon dating and I'm not all that interested in paleographic dating of scripts. I have enough other things on my plate to keep me busy (very, very, busy), so, unless something strikes me as worth a comment, I'll leave this discussion to those who know more about and have more interest in such matters and just listen to what they say and forward it to you. Enjoy!

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