Tuesday, September 11, 2012

Daf Yomi column and news

ADAM KIRSCH at Tablet Magazine: Talmudic Rebbe-llion: A coup at the rabbinic academy deposes Gamliel and unleashes a torrent of questions.

Also: Siyum HaShas inspiring newcomers to daily Talmud study (Neil Rubin, JTA).
Two of Linden's congregants also have started the Daf Yomi, and Linden has launched an invitation-only Facebook page called Unorthodox Daf Yomi that now has more than 120 members.

The members are just some of the many Jews who say they were motivated by the publicity surrounding the Aug. 1 completion of the Shas -- the 2,711 pages of the Talmud -- to make daily Talmud study a part of their lives.