Tuesday, September 11, 2012

Ginzei-Qedem 8

H-JUDAIC: TOC: Ginzei-Qedem 8 (2012)
Ginzei Qedem is an annual publication devoted to Genizah texts and studies, in the broadest possible sense of the phrase, including the publication of fragments of literary works and documents from genizot in Cairo and elsewhere, as well as new studies based on such fragments.

Its purpose is to provide a specialized venue for the field of Genizah research, in the hope that research on and publication of Genizah texts will, in time, enrich both traditional and academic Jewish studies, as well as Islamic ones, in a variety of areas, including Biblical studies and exegesis, Talmud, halakha, theology, philosophy, liturgy, history, linguistics, science, medicine, magic, and more.
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