Sunday, September 09, 2012

Iron Age Cistern and Phoenician Psalms

I'M BACK IN ST. ANDREWS. Got in late yesterday evening. Looks like it's been a quiet few days in the media, but the following can be filed under "Temple Mount Watch":
Cistern dated to First Temple period found in Jerusalem
Discovery of large man-made reservoir next to the Temple Mount shows city did not solely rely on the Gihon Spring for its water 2,500 years ago
(Matti Friedman, The Times of Israel)
Joseph Lauer notes a link to the IAA press release and a temporary link that leads to high-resolution photos.

Also, to be filed under "Phoenician Watch: Not," I first saw "Royal Psalms" in this headline: Iron Chef participant Lee Hillson goes from Royal Palms to Phoenician.

Cross-file under "Don't believe my lying eyes."

UPDATE (10 September): Joseph Lauer e-mails a permanent link to the photo files, which is here.