Friday, March 14, 2014

More on those new DSS fragments

THE TIMES OF ISRAEL: Uncovered in Jerusalem, 9 tiny unopened Dead Sea Scrolls. Researcher finds tantalizing tefillin parchments from Second Temple era, overlooked for decades and unread for 2,000 years (Ilan Ben Zion).
They’re not much larger than lentils, but size doesn’t minimize the potential significance of nine newfound Dead Sea Scrolls that have lain unopened for the better part of six decades.

An Israeli scholar turned up the previously unexamined parchments, which had escaped the notice of academics and archaeologists as they focused on their other extraordinary finds in the 1950s. Once opened, the minuscule phylactery parchments from Qumran, while unlikely to yield any shattering historic, linguistic or religious breakthroughs, could shed new light on the religious practices of Second Temple Judaism.

The Israel Antiquities Authority has been tasked with unraveling and preserving the new discoveries — an acutely sensitive process and one which the IAA says it will conduct painstakingly, and only after conducting considerable preparatory research.

A thorough article with lots of new details about the find and its background.

Original story noted here. The Daily Mail also has a briefer article on the find here. Also, an earlier post on the Qumran tefillin (phylacteries) is here.