Friday, September 12, 2014

Jerusalem of Gold exhibition

GOLDEN, GET IT, GET IT? Biblical Archaeology Sees Golden Age in Israel, Dark Age in Rest of Middle East (Sean Savage/
At a time when many archaeological sites and antiquities throughout the Middle East are being looted and destroyed, the City of David Foundation on Sept. 4 hosted its annual conference to enable the general public to experience some of the most important archaeological discoveries in Jerusalem in recent years.

A special portion of this year’s conference was devoted to the theme “Jerusalem of Gold,” highlighting several never-before-seen golden artifacts.

“The people in ancient times, like today, used gold for the most important things in life. It shows what they held dear and what was most important to them,” Ahron Horovitz, senior director of Megalim, the City of David’s Higher Institute for Jerusalem Studies, told

The artifacts mentioned in the article have been covered previously by PaleoJudaica. For the Byzantine-era coin hoard, see here. For the golden medallion, see here. For the golden earring, see here. And for the golden bell, see here and links.