Friday, September 12, 2014

National Treasures

WEBSITE: National Treasures from Israel Antiquities Authority Now Accessible Via Internet. The archeological treasures in the Rockefeller Museum of Jerusalem can now be accessed online (Jewish Press Staff).
Thousands of archeological artifacts presently stored in the Rockefeller Museum in Jerusalem will be made available online through a new initiative called the National Treasures Online project. This new project and the Rockefeller Museum Online project are just two online projects undertaken by the Israel Antiquities Authority. These new ones join the Dead Sea Scrolls Digital Library, the National Archives and the Survey Maps online.

The National Treasures Online site includes objects from collections of the National Treasures, from prehistoric periods through to the Ottoman period. It currently includes 5,700 artifacts and is continuously updated.

For the Dead Sea Scrolls Digital Library, see here and links.