Friday, July 31, 2015

Review of The Vatican Tapes

THAT SOUNDS LIKE AN UNDERSTATEMENT: 'The Vatican Tapes' review: The movie could be better (Reagan Gavin Rasquinha, The Economic Times). I note the movie not for any cinematic merit, but because of this:
Angela's strange behavior starts manifesting just before she gets into a car accident. It takes months for her to wake up from a coma. She does so, strangely enough, when Father Lozano (Pena, suitably somber) blesses her with holy water. But all is far from well. Angela can speak in ancient tongues (Aramaic included), summon ravens (considered a symbol of death) and cause people to temporarily lose their minds and fatally injure themselves.
My bold-font emphasis. More evidence, I guess, that demons speak Aramaic.

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