Friday, July 31, 2015

Questions for the Early High Christology Club

THE BIBLE AND INTERPRETATION: Critical Questions for the Early High Christology Club (Michael Kok). Although I am the proud owner of an EHCC coffee mug, I think I will leave to to members of the club who work more on early Christology than I do to reply to Dr. Kok's questions.

Some links with some of my thoughts about the historical Jesus are collected here. And an old (and later published in revised form) essay of mine on ancient divine mediator figures is here. At present I am very sympathetic to Pieter Craffert's proposal that the historical Jesus was a shamanistic practitioner (but not technically a "shaman," which was an intermediary role in hunting cultures). A relevant post is here and there is a highly relevant SBL session coming up in November if you are interested in the subject.