Saturday, August 01, 2015

Buth and Notley (eds.), The Language Environment of First Century Judaea

The Language Environment of First Century Judaea
Jerusalem Studies in the Synoptic Gospels—Volume Two

Edited by Randall Buth and R. Steven Notley
The articles in this collection demonstrate that a change is taking place in New Testament studies. Throughout the twentieth century, New Testament scholarship primarily worked under the assumption that only two languages, Aramaic and Greek, were in common use in the land of Israel in the first century. The current contributors investigate various areas where increasing linguistic data and changing perspectives have moved Hebrew out of a restricted, marginal status within first-century language use and the impact on New Testament studies. Five articles relate to the general sociolinguistic situation in the land of Israel during the first century, while three articles present literary studies that interact with the language background. The final three contributions demonstrate the impact this new understanding has on the reading of Gospel texts.
Noted by Dr. Buth here, where you can read on of his articles in the volume. Related PaleoJudaica posts are here and links.

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