Sunday, November 29, 2015

Di Segni et al., The Onomasticon of Iudaea

The Onomasticon of Iudaea · Palaestina and Arabia in the Greek and Latin Sources
Volume I: Introduction, Sources, Major Texts

Leah Di Segni
Yoram Tsafrir
Judith Green
Date of publication: 2015
Division: Humanities
Subject/s: Archaeology
Mediaeval Languages and Literatures
General Humanities
Classical Studies
Ancient Languages and Literatures

Series: Publications in the Humanities
Language: English ISBN 978-965-208-201-5
Price: NIS 240.00

The Onomasticon, a monumental endeavor begun in the 1960s by the late Prof. Michael Avi-Yonah, collates all the known Greek and Latin literary and documentary sources mentioning geographical and ethnic names attested in Iudaea, under the Hasmonaean and Herodian dynasties, and in the Roman and Byzantine provinces of Palaestina and Arabia - an area today spread over Israel, the Palestinian Authority, Jordan, Sinai and southern Syria.
The source texts, dating from the fourth century BCE to the seventh century CE, are culled from over 1,300 texts by more than 750 separate authors, and from papyri, inscriptions and coins. The individual place names are arranged in alphabetical entries, each presenting a comprehensive collection of excerpts from the texts in which that place is mentioned. Where possible, the places are identified and described on the basis of up-to-date archaeological and bibliographical research.
Volume I contains an annotated bibliography of the primary source texts, a collection of major texts from which many of the sources in the alphabetical entries are excerpted, and a listing of all the place names covered in the series. Volume II, in two parts, will contain the entries for geographical names beginning with the letter A, including the massive entry for Arabia.

456 pp., two foldout maps. 18 × 27 cm. Hardback (Cloth).