Monday, November 30, 2015

The GJW is back in the news

I'M STILL SKEPTICAL: Is ‘The Gospel of Jesus’s Wife’ a revelation or a hoax? (Lisa Wangsness, Boston Globe). This is a good summary of the current state of the question, with a couple of pieces of new information. There are already blog posts noting the article and commenting on it:

Mark Goodacre The Gospel of Jesus' Wife Latest: Boston Globe Update;

Peter J. Gurrey: ETC Blog and GJW in the Boston Globe.

Recent PaleoJudaica posts on the GJW are here and here, and follow the links for lots more. I note one peculiarity of the new article: Mark Goodacre cites the title as "The Case of the Gospel of Jesus' Wife Still Isn't Closed" and that title remains in the URL, but the title in the article has been changed to the one given above. Either title seems to reflect the content of the article, so I'm not sure of the reason for the change.

Another current Boston Globe article also deals with the debate over the GJW: Five questions about ‘The Gospel of Jesus’s Wife’. It too has an earlier title remaining in the URL: "Is the Gospel of Jesus's Wife a Fake?" Again, no explanation is given for the change in title.

Beyond that, I see no reason at present to add to the comments I've made in my recent posts linked to above. We are still waiting for the publication of some tests on the ink and I doubt that the discussion will make much progress before they are published.