Tuesday, December 01, 2015

Jordanian Lead Books Centre website

FAKE METAL CODICES WATCH: Last March I noted the report of the founding of a Centre for the Study of the Jordanian Lead Books, chaired by Margaret Barker. The Centre now has a website here.

As I said in March, I think it is a positive development to have a group of serious scholars evaluating the Jordan codices. I still think the objects are modern productions, but how, why, and exactly when and where they were made remain potentially interesting questions for someone (other than me) to follow up. I certainly have no objection to people studying them, if they want to. And, as I have said often already, if anyone still wants to argue that some of the codices are genuine artifacts from antiquity, the case should be made in the peer-review scholarly literature. That has not happened — I think because there is no such case to be made. But if someone wants to prove me wrong, that is the place to do it.

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