Friday, October 21, 2016

Sukkahs for Sukkot

JEWISH AND SAMARITAN: Two very different Sukkot celebrations in Israel (
In many ways, the unusual sukkah customs of Israel’s little-known ancient Samaritan community can’t hold a candle to the country’s most expensive “desert” huts. But it all depends on what you’re looking for.

The elegant sukkahs built by the Samaritans are designed in accordance with the ancient tradition of using dozens of kilograms of fruit picked by family members.


A more common sight in Jerusalem is the many homemade sukkahs built on private balconies and in courtyards. Hotels get into the act, competing with each other to build the fanciest constructs.

Also, reader Yoel points me to this brief but picturesque Times of Israel video: Inside the Samaritan high priest’s fruity sukkah, literally. It presumably goes with the article I noted yesterday. Follow the links there for more on Samaritan Sukkot and the Samaritans. For this year's Jewish Sukkot celebrations (and relevant background), start here and follow the links.