Sunday, October 16, 2016

Yeshaya and Hollender, Exegesis and Poetry in Medieval Karaite and Rabbanite Texts

Exegesis and Poetry in Medieval Karaite and Rabbanite Texts
Karaite Texts and Studies Volume 9

Edited by Joachim Yeshaya KU Leuven and Elisabeth Hollender Goethe University, Frankfurt

This collection of essays offers an inquiry into the complex interaction between exegesis and poetry that characterized medieval and early modern Karaite and Rabbanite treatment of the Bible in the Islamic world, the Byzantine Empire, and Christian Europe. Discussing a variety of topics that are usually associated with either exegesis or poetry in conjunction with the two fields, the authors analyze a wide array of interactions between biblical sources and their interpretive layers, whether in prose exegesis or in multiple forms of poetry and rhymed prose. Of particular relevance are mechanisms for the production and transmission of exegetical traditions, including the participation of Jewish poets in these processes, an issue that serves as a leitmotif throughout this collection.
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