Wednesday, November 09, 2016

New Phoenician Tourism Route

PHOENICIAN WATCH: Phoenician Tourism Route launched at the World Travel Market.
( An integral component of Mediterranean trade and culture, the Phoenicians’ Route links 18 countries with a common heritage.

With the aim of revitalizing this itinerary as a tourism route, the World Tourism Organization (UNWTO), Ministry of Tourism of Lebanon and Council of Europe launched the Phoenicians’ Route Cultural Tourism Programme, which integrates public and private sector, at World Travel Market in London.

During the event, participants discussed the development and marketing of three pilot cultural tourism itineraries along the Phoenicians’ Route. The itineraries will connect three continents, 18 countries and more than 80 towns. Theycover the various periods of Phoenician heritage: the Origin (Lebanon, Cyprus and Greece); the Punics and the Sea (Italy, Malta and Tunisia) and the Expansion (France and Spain).

Sounds like a good tourism initiative, although I would be cautious about visiting Lebanon at present.