Saturday, November 12, 2016

More new JHS articles


Speaking to One’s heart: DBR and its Semantic Extensio (Natalie MYLONAS, Stephen LLEWELYN and Gareth WEARNE)
Abstract: Cognitive linguists are increasingly recognising the value of metonymy for understanding the way language works. This article applies recent advancements in the theory of metonymy to the Hebrew noun DBR in order to explain its broad semantic range. It argues that metonymy and its function in the processes of grammaticalization account for the majority of lexical senses listed for DBR. It also aids in the translation of this polysemous noun by highlighting some contextual features of speech that help determine the meaning of DBR in any given sentence.
Narrative Toledot Formulae in Genesis: The Case of Heaven and Earth, Noah, and Isaac (Sarah SCHWARTZ)
Abstract: This paper reexamines the literary function of the narrative toledot formulae in Genesis, claiming that the formula thrice (Gen 2:4; 6:9; 25:19) introduces a passage about the specified father rather than one solely about his sons. This finding is based on a philological analysis of the word toledot and the formula's unique literary design in these three instances. This reading illuminates the inner tension between renewal and continuity in the Flood narrative; leads to the exposure of a unit about Isaac within the patriarchal cycles; and offers a new understanding of chapter 1's exclusion from the toledot framework.
Both can be accessed in full at the links.