Friday, February 10, 2017

Cottrell, The Writings Of Silvanus

NEW NOVEL: Author Dana George Cottrell’s Newly Released “The Writings Of Silvanus” is a Journey into Ancient Phoenicia and Greece.
Published by Christian Faith Publishing, Dana George Cottrell’s new book is a journey into history that tells the story of a wealthy and powerful woman named Rachael.

Nineteen sealed urns are discovered in a small cave located in southern Lebanon. Within the urns, papyrus scrolls written in ancient Greek tell the story of a Jewish family that moved from Judea and settled in Beth-Gebar. Silvanus, the author of the scrolls, wrote about his family’s history while living in Beth-Gebar during the First Century.
Sounds potentially interesting, or at least entertaining. However, the prospects of the book being based on rigorous historical research don't seem good. Note that the fearless, pirate-fighting heroine spells her name with a spelling that first appeared in the 19th century and only became popular in the 1980s.