Monday, February 06, 2017

New "Mikve Path" in Jerusalem park

OPENING THURSDAY: NEW ‘MIKVE PATH’ AT 2000-YEAR-OLD SITE TO BE UNVEILED IN JERUSALEM NATIONAL PARK. "The Ophel constituted an area of transition between the secular and the sacred, and the sacred and the secular." (DANIEL K. EISENBUD, Jerusalem Post).
A pathway between two 2,000-yearold ritual baths (mikvaot) once used by pilgrims to purify themselves before ascending the Temple Mount will be inaugurated at the historic Ophel site in the Davidson Center Archeological Park on Thursday.

Located by the walls of Jerusalem National Park, the Antiquities Authority said on Sunday the “mikve path,” which it described as “experimental, circular and modular,” was constructed and conserved with the help of donations from Australian entrepreneur Kevin Bermeister.

“The path has been highlighted and, in that way, it can be better understood within the historical and archeological complexity of the Ophel site, which was continuously inhabited from the Iron Age to the Crusader period,” the authority said in a statement.