Friday, June 09, 2017

Zedekiah in parallel timelines

THE BIBLE AND INTERPRETATION: Engaging Biblical Plurality: The Zedekiahs in the Books of Jeremiah.
Unfortunately, many biblical scholars and religious educators—whether consciously or unconsciously—overlook this history and its divergent texts, often endorsing one form of Jeremiah over the other. Such partiality can lead to incomplete biblical scholarship or religious exclusivism. Granted, religious communities often show partiality based on current canonization; however, the canons changed over time, and both versions of Jeremiah have been considered sacred in Jewish and Christian history. So both versions need to be taken seriously by interpreters regardless of affiliation.

See also: The Last King(s) of Judah: Zedekiah and Sedekias in the Hebrew and Old Greek Versions of Jeremiah 37(44):1–40(47):6 (Mohr Siebeck, 2017).

By Shelley L. Birdsong
North Central College
June 2017
This is a good illustration of how important the Septuagint is for understanding the transmission of the text of the Hebrew Bible. This particular case is not just a matter of textual criticism. It involves two editions of the text which tell two different stories about King Zedekiah.