Wednesday, June 07, 2017

T. Levi: ethics

READING ACTS: Ethics in the Testament of Levi (Phil Long).

The Greek Testament of Levi is a second-century (Jewish-?) Christian text and so it makes sense that it would have points in common with the mostly first-century New Testament Christian texts. Phil's post discusses some of the ethical parallels between them.

It would be useful also to look at Aramaic Levi, the Jewish source behind the Greek Testament of Levi, to see how many of the NT parallels in T. Levi are present there and whether there are others not in the Greek Testament.

The vision is something of a special case, since most of it (or them - there may have been two) is lost in Aramaic Levi. But some material survives.

Perhaps Phil is planning on some posts on Aramaic Levi later in the series. That would be good.

Earlier posts in Phil's blog series on the OTP are noted here and here and links. There's more on Aramaic Levi here. That post also tells you where to find my English translation of it.