Sunday, June 04, 2017

Ancient Petra's water system

NABATEAN (NABATAEAN) WATCH: Jordan- Swiss archaeologist examines ancient Nabateans' water technology.
(MENAFN - #Jordan Times) AMMAN — The infrastructure of Petra, the capital of the ancient Nabateans, still remains a mystery to most people who visit this heritage site. The focus of tourists when they arrive to Petra is to find splendid monuments, temples, shrines, churches and market places, but the water infrastructure and the way Nabateans preserved water for irrigation and drinking is relatively unknown, noted Ulrich Bellwald, a Swiss archaeologist,conservator and architect.

This is a quite detailed report on the survey of Petra's hydralic system. An earlier report on the project was noted here last year. Past posts on the Nabateans (Nabataeans) are here and here and many links.