Thursday, August 31, 2017

Coins of Berenice II

NUMISMATICS: THE COINAGE OF QUEEN BERENICE II (Tara Sewell-Lasater, Pocket Change Blog).

Queen Berenice II is mentioned in the Bible in Daniel 11:5-6 as "the daughter of the king of the south." I explain the passage in detail here. She also figures in this post.

CORRECTION (7 January 2019): The struck-out paragraph above is an error. I have mixed up two Berenices. The Berenice II of the Ptolemaic dynasty is the one whose coinage is the subject of the article above. She is not mentioned in the Bible. The other, Berenice Phernophorus was an (unnumbered) queen in the Seleucid dynasty. She is the Berenice who is mentioned in Daniel 11. Sorry for the confusion.

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