Wednesday, August 30, 2017

Justness on the post-2002 DSS-like fragments

THE LYING PER OF SCRIBES BLOG has collected some information regarding those supposed new fragments of Dead Sea Scrolls which have emerged since 2002:

The Post-2002 Dead Sea Scrolls-like Fragments and Bible Study Software (Årstein Justnes).
Some of the post-2002 DSS-like fragments have polluted the DSS and Qumran modules (that are based on prof. Martin Abegg’s data) in Accordance, BibleWorks, and Logos both on a corpus and manuscript level. This also has statistical implications. See the following list (where I refer to the modules as they are presented in Accordance) ...
The Post-2002 Dead Sea Scrolls Fragments: A Tentative Timeline of Acquisitions (Årstein Justnes & Ludvik A. Kjeldsberg).
We have constructed a tentative timeline of acquisitions using Knightlab Timeline JS. Comments and corrections are appreciated.
The Post-2002 DSS-like Fragments: A Price List (Årstein Justnes).

(Note, this blog is not to be confused with The Appendix, the blog of Michael Press. I cited a post from his blog whose title included the phrase "The lying pen of the scribes." See here and here. But it did not come from the blog cited above, which has the slightly different title, The Lying Pen of Scribes.)

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