Thursday, December 21, 2017

Jerusalem Estates and coins of the Jewish revolts

NUMISMATICS MEETS REAL ESTATE MARKETING: VIDEO: Ancient Jewish Coins A Key Motif Of Jerusalem Estates Linking The Luxury Development To The Past (Yeshiva World).
Yerushalayim…Concurrent with the rapidly rising Jerusalem Estates luxurious residential complex is an extraordinary effort to conserve the historic character of the 150-year old Schneller Compound. At the same time that one of the most contemporary and modern housing developments is being built is a parallel tract of linkage to the thousands of years of history of the ancient holy city. As part of the creative development that links the project with the glorious past of Yerushalayim is a program that designates each building by an ancient coin with its original name and motif. These are antique coins from the period of the end of the second Bet Hamikdash and Bar Kochba.

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