Tuesday, December 19, 2017

Ten-part series on the (Proto)-MT by Tov

PROF. EMANUEL TOV: The (Proto-)Masoretic Text: A Ten-Part Series (TheTorah.com). The link is to Part 1: The Bible and the Masoretic Text. The other nine parts are as follows:

Part 2 – Judean Desert Texts Outside Qumran
Part 3 – Socio-Religious Background and Stabilization
Part 4 – The Scribes of Proto-MT and their Practices
Part 5 – Precise Transmission of Inconsistent Spelling
Part 6 – Scribal Marks
Part 7 – Key Characteristics of the (Proto-)MT
Part 8 – Other Biblical Text Traditions
Part 9 – Evaluating (Proto-)MT
Part 10 – Editions and Translations of (Proto-)MT

This is an important subject and Professor Tov is the most qualified person to write on it. It is very good to have his overview of the subject here.

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