Saturday, December 23, 2017

What wine did the Maccabees drink?

ASKING THE IMPORTANT QUESTIONS: What Were the Maccabees of Hannukah [Sic throughout] Drinking? (NeatPour).
Today, Hannukah is celebrated by millions who light the menorah, eat some latkes, and enjoy a seasonal tipple of their libation of choice. During the uprising that inspired the holiday, the surroundings were harsher: hostile Roman Legionnaires, dangerous bacteria in the water, and not enough oil to light a lamp, let alone fry a latke. However, what did they drink? Research suggests that our holiday protagonists were sipping’ on watered down Marawi wine.

I don't know how accurate this. The consistent misspelling of "Hanukkah" does not speak for the rigor of the research. But some of the details are interesting. The part about watering down the wine sounds right.

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