Tuesday, January 23, 2018

Excavating a new Qumran cave

ARCHAEOLOGY: Could This Newfound Cave Hold More Dead Sea Scrolls? (Owen Jarus, Live Science).
Archaeologists are excavating a newfound cave in Qumran, with the hope of finding new Dead Sea Scrolls.


Hebrew University archaeologist Oren] Gutfeld and Randall Price, of Liberty University in Lynchburg, Virginia, are now leading an archaeology team that is excavating this newfound cave.

"Dr. Gutfeld and I have been at Qumran since December, working with our team on excavating a new cave in the Qumran area," Price told Live Science in an email. No other details about this "new cave" have been released, but the team will release a statement soon, Price said.

Presumably there was something about this cave that led the excavators to think it was likely to have more scrolls in it. I look forward to more details.

Background on the so-called Qumran Cave 12, which only produced a piece of blank parchment, is here.

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