Friday, January 26, 2018

Tunisian tourism

TRAVEL: TUNISIA HOLIDAYS: WHY TOURISTS SHOULD LOOK BEYOND THE BEACH AND DISCOVER ITS ANCIENT ROMAN HERITAGE. After terrorist attacks scared away the sun lounger crowd, visitors to Tunisia are now rediscovering its rich Roman history (NICK REDMAYNE, The Independent).
We’re in Carthage, Tunisia’s best known and most visited Roman site. Perched on the Mediterranean coastline, a visit is worth it for the spellbinding views alone, but in truth, the development of the modern city, combined with centuries of neglect, hasn’t left Dido’s ancient citadel in its best possible state.

Instead, [tourguide] Chaouki [Latrache] wants to show me some of the country’s lesser known ruins, all within a couple of hours of Tunis, meaning you can comfortably manage them in day trips from the capital. We start with Dougga, a Unesco-designated site in the north-west of the country, and find we have the place almost to ourselves. Chaouki reckons it’s seven years since he last brought an English tourist here.
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Some past posts on Phoenician and Punic antiquities in Tunisia, and the current dangers there, are here and here and links. I don't think I'll take my holiday there this summer either, but maybe someday.

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