Friday, January 26, 2018

Syria as a tourist destination?

TRAVEL: Syria Publicizing Aleppo, Palmyra at Fitur Fair (Financial Tribune).
The Syrian government is making efforts to promote the country as a tourist destination following a civil war that has devastated much of its area.

This week the Syrian government is publicizing Aleppo, along with other destinations in Syria, at the Fitur International Tourism Trade Fair in Madrid, AFP reported.

It is the first time Syria has attended the trade fair since 2011, before the war broke out.

Along with the ruins of Aleppo, it also encourages people to visit the ancient Roman-era ruins of Palmyra, the UNESCO-listed archeological site that was twice controlled by the self-styled Islamic State terrorist group.

And there's this too:
[Bassam Barsik, director of marketing at the Syrian Ministry of Tourism] argued that religious destinations, such as the historical Christian town of Maaloula, one of the last places on earth where Aramaic is still spoken, are still a draw to tourists.
I don't think Syria will be my holiday destination this summer. Maybe someday. This promotion seems a bit premature, but things must be quieter if the Syrian government thinks it can even raise the subject. I hope this augurs some better things for the people of Syria.

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