Tuesday, August 14, 2018

Crowdsourcing Tischendorf’s Evangelia Apocrypha

AN ARMY OF EDITORS: A full-text edition of Tischendorf’s Evangelia Apocrypha (Tony Burke, Apocryphicity Blog).
What if there was a high-quality full-text edition of Tischendorf’s Evangelia Apocrypha available? Not just available, but openly available for scholars to use in whatever research or digital humanities projects they were involved in? And not just the Latin and Greek text, but the apparatuses too?

We’re closer to that than we have ever been. If you’ve worked with Evangelia Apocrypha, you know that the Greek text uses a distinctive font. This font makes optical character recognition (OCR) difficult because it isn’t like other Greek fonts. However, Bruce Robertson of Mount Allison University in New Brunswick has been working on the problem of Greek OCR ...
His work is online. Go and have a look. The OCR version looks pretty good, but it has many small glitches. There are especially many in the Greek texts. If you are so minded, you are invited to make as many corrections as you want.

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