Friday, September 14, 2018

Review of Nongbri, God's Library

THE TEXTUAL MECHANIC BLOG: Review: "God's Library," by Brent Nongbri. Timothy N. Mitchell publishes the first (that I know of) review of this new book. Excerpt:
Finally, much of the skepticism and warnings of overconfidence in dating ancient manuscripts is appropriate and warranted. Nongbri does well at highlighting issues with assigning the date of a manuscript solely on palaeography. He gives several examples from the past century of scholars attributing dates to manuscripts with little or no support from securely dated writing samples or instances of the same manuscripts being assigned widely differing dates. Christian apologists, theologians of every stripe, and historians of early Christianity should heed Nongbri’s warnings and apply an extra dose of caution and transparency when drawing conclusions or basing arguments on these early Christian books.
Brent Nongbri replies here.

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