Tuesday, October 16, 2018

Brave Mosul Muslims saved Syriac books from ISIS

SYRIAC WATCH: Muslims Defied ISIS to Save Two Ancient Assyrian Manuscripts in Mosul (Asia News, rpt. AINA).
Mosul -- A Muslim family hid for three years two ancient Syriac Orthodox books in Mosul during the city's occupation by the Islamic State (IS) group to prevent their destruction at the latter's hands. They did so, putting their own lives at risk. Their courage and action show that Mosul and Iraq can be rebuilt and reborn on the basis of unity and coexistence of its various groups, above all Christians and Muslims.

... They [the two books] contain the offices of the morning and evening prayers in Syriac Antiochene Orthodox rite. ...
Related story here. But the couragous monks who rescued the Mar Benham manuscripts were saving their own holy books. This Muslim family risked their lives out of pure goodwill for their Christian neighbors.

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