Thursday, October 18, 2018

Luijendijk and Klingshirn (eds.), My Lots are in Thy Hands

My Lots are in Thy Hands: Sortilege and its Practitioners in Late Antiquity

Religions in the Graeco-Roman World, Volume: 188

Editors: AnneMarie Luijendijk and William E. Klingshirn

Sortilege—the making of decisions by casting lots—was widely practiced in the Mediterranean world during the period known as late antiquity, between the third and eighth centuries CE. In My Lots are in Thy Hands: Sortilege and its Practitioners in Late Antiquity, AnneMarie Luijendijk and William Klingshirn have collected fourteen essays that examine late antique lot divination, especially but not exclusively through texts preserved in Greek, Latin, Coptic, and Syriac. Employing the overlapping perspectives of religious studies, classics, anthropology, economics, and history, contributors study a variety of topics, including the hermeneutics and operations of divinatory texts, the importance of diviners and their instruments, and the place of faith and doubt in the search for hidden order in a seemingly random world.

Publication Date: 8 October 2018
ISBN: 978-90-04-38503-0
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