Tuesday, April 16, 2019

Fires last night

TEMPLE MOUNT WATCH: FIRE BREAKS OUT NEAR MOSQUE ON TEMPLE MOUNT. The Marwani Prayer Hall, also known as Solomon's Stables, is located at the base of the corner of the Temple Mount where the Southern and Eastern walls meet, near the stairs up to the Al Aqsa Mosque (TZVI JOFFRE , Jerusalem Post).

While the cathedral of Notre-Dame was burning yesterday evening, a fire also broke out on the Temple Mount. Fortunately, the latter was quickly extinguished, with no injuries and, apparently, with minimal damage.

The cathedral, as you doubtless already know, was not so fortunate. But, if current information is correct, its art treasures were rescued and the structure is essentially intact and can (and will) be rebuilt. The status of the stained glass windows is unclear. At least one seems to have survived.

All kudos to the brave firefighters, who actually entered the building to save it. Without them, the cathedral would now be gone. I am sorry to hear that one firefighter was injured, but am relieved that the injury was not serious. There are no reports of civilian injuries.

My deepest condolences to the people of France on this tragedy. The cathedral is a world treasure. The world is with you.

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