Tuesday, April 07, 2020

Review of Krag & Raja (eds.), Women, children and the family in Palmyra

BRYN MAYR CLASSICAL REVIEW: Women, children and the family in Palmyra.
Signe Krag, Rubina Raja, Women, children and the family in Palmyra. Palmyrene studies, 3. Copenhagen: The Royal Danish Academy of Sciences and Letters, 2019. 228 p.. ISBN 9788773044193 DKK 250 (pb).

Review by
Leonardo Gregoratti, Durham University. DerGrego@gmail.com
Cross-file under Palmyra Watch. For more on the Palmyra Portrait Project, see here and here. Past posts on the Empress Zenobia are here and links.

Many other posts on Palmyra, its history, the ancient Aramaic dialect spoken there (Palmyrene), and the city's tragic reversals of fortune, which more recently were trending for the better, are here and links.

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