Thursday, April 09, 2020

Qasr al-Yahud is de-mined

PILGRIMAGE MINEFIELD CLEARED: Last landmine cleared from biblical Jordan Valley site. Holy site to be restored after 53 years as landmines finally cleared (Nicky Harley, The National). I have been following this story about Qasr Al-Yahud, which is a possible site for the baptism of Jesus, since the de-mining project was announced in 2016. This article reports the good news that the site is now fully de-mined.
The Halo Trust told The National restoration work can finally begin on the buildings to enable them to be reopened to pilgrims and visitors in the near future.
Apparently the charity blew up 500 mines in a "daisy chain explosion." I hope there's video of that.

Alas, the site will still be short of pilgrims and visitors for some time, but the Halo Trust is clearly working to make sure that it is ready when they come back.

UPDATE: Excuse me for forgetting the background link. It's here and links.

UPDATE: For the video of the detonation, see here.

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