Sunday, May 03, 2020

Two paintings of Judith

OLD TESTAMENT APOCRYPHA WATCH: Art history: Two artistic interpretations of Judith killing Holofernes (Regina Haggo, Hamilton Spectator).
One of Gentileschi’s Judith paintings, produced around 1615, was to travel from Italy for the London exhibition. Let’s compare it with one painted in 1596 by Fede Galizia, a Milanese painter. Both women focus on Judith and Abra moments after the decapitation.
The exhibition at the National Museum has, alas, been postponed for obvious reasons. But you can see images of both paintings at the link.

Judith's slaying of Holophernes has long been a popular artistic theme. For more paintings (here, here, and here), as well as opera, modern mosaics, theatre, and intepretive dance, see the links.

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