Monday, June 29, 2020

Enoch Seminar 2020

REMINDER: Enoch Seminar Online 2020: The Origin of Evil in Second Temple Judaism begins today in a couple of hours. It runs through Thursday. It is by invitation only, but I don't doubt there will be blog reports etc. I will keep my eye out for them. I may even come up with one or two myself.

I am a respondent on Wednesday, 1 July, in the session on "How is the problem of evil and its origin addressed in the Parables of Enoch and the Synoptics?"

There are about three hundred attenders total.

The format is mandated by current pandemic travel and assembly restrictions. But nonetheless, it is an exciting, groundbreaking experiment. These online conferences may change the way we do professional meetings.

Earlier PaleoJudaica posts on Enoch Seminar 2020 are here, here, and here. They link to posts by Professor James McGrath, including one with his conference presentation.

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