Wednesday, June 10, 2020

What's in a (biblical) name?

ONOMASTIC HISTORY: Names Reveal What’s History and What’s Myth in the Bible, Researcher Says. Study of naming traditions shows First Temple-period biblical authors knew a lot about what was going on in Judah, but were less informed on the neighboring kingdom of Israel (David Israel, Haaretz premium). HT Joseph Lauer.

The Biblical Archaeology Review article mentioned in the above is in the current (Spring 2020) issue: What’s in a Name? Personal Names in Ancient Israel and Judah (Mitka R. Golub). It is behind the subscription wall.

For Lawrence Mykytiuk's work on 53 people in the Hebrew Bible who also appear in ancient inscriptions, see here and links.

Cross-file under Northwest Semitic Epigraphy.

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