Saturday, November 28, 2020

Putthoff, Gods and Humans in the Ancient Near East

Gods and Humans in the Ancient Near East

AUTHOR: Tyson L. Putthoff, University of Oklahoma
DATE PUBLISHED: November 2020
FORMAT: Hardback
ISBN: 9781108490542

$ 99.99 (C)


In this book, Tyson Putthoff explores the relationship between gods and humans, and between divine nature and human nature, in the Ancient Near East. In this world, gods lived among humans. The two groups shared the world with one another, each playing a special role in maintaining order in the cosmos. Humans also shared aspects of a godlike nature. Even in their natural condition, humans enjoyed a taste of the divine state. Indeed, gods not only lived among humans, but also they lived inside them, taking up residence in the physical body. As such, human nature was actually a composite of humanity and divinity. Putthoff offers new insights into the ancients' understanding of humanity's relationship with the gods, providing a comparative study of this phenomenon from the third millennium BCE to the first century CE.

  • Explores multiple Ancient Near Eastern views on divine aspects of human in a single volume in a way that no other work has done
  • Introduces each region of the Ancient Near East in a way that allows non-specialists and specialists alike to engage with the material in each chapter
  • Will appeal to scholars and students interested in the history, philosophy, theology and anthropology of the Near Eastern or biblical world

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