Friday, November 27, 2020

Review of Fishbane, The Art of Mystical Narrative

Eitan P. Fishbane. The Art of Mystical Narrative: A Poetics of the Zohar. Oxford: Oxford University Press, 2018. xiii + 520 pp. $125.00, cloth, ISBN 978-0-19-994863-5.

Reviewed by Mark Verman (Wright State University)

Published on H-Judaic (November, 2020)

Commissioned by Barbara Krawcowicz (Jagiellonian University)

This is a long and fascinating review of what sounds like a fascinating book. The review itself amounts to an introduction to the Zohar and its back story.

UPDATE: Cross-file under Zohar Watch. For many posts on the Zohar, start here and follow the links.

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